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So many of us have a religious group we identify with, people with whom we share common beliefs about the existence of a supreme being. Many of us also believe in creation which is good and true. Now one of the oldest books in history, The Bible, which many of us have heard about, read, and believe in states that God is the creator of all things, true. It also states that the first man and woman was Adam and Eve, true. It further says God created animals, that was before he created humans though, and when he created the first human(first higher animal) he(God) said he(Adam) could eat from any TREE in the garden, right? At this point it seems correct to conclude that animals didn't feed on animals in that peaceful garden. So the question is 'Why do we have wild animals today?' I mean animals with mouthparts clearly defined for tearing, biting and chewing of flesh. Remember creation ≠ evolution. So God created animals with mouthparts modified for tearing and chewing of flesh to eat grasses, or they evolved those mouthparts when Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden (which is even when humans started eating flesh)….. I guess we'll never know.

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