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Its the beginning of a new week and the continuation of my curiosity as to why people have a co-reaction to days of the week. Today is Monday and everybody thinks they need to take their lives more seriously and be up and doing,and then Tuesday, same sentiments but less energy, Wednesday, far less energy for theory and more for practical, Thursday, anticipation for the end of the week, the Fridays, carefree, happy and ready to party, Saturdays, take house work extra seriously and then Sundays are devoted to worship and service.

Something says the narrative is supposed to be different, I mean, not everyone is in the same line of work, diversity in occupations, is also supposed to cause diversity in main work days. For example a dry cleaner shouldn't take Mondays so serious, Saturdays or any other weekend are meant to be the days they should be more energetic and enthusiastic about. This goes for many other jobs too, even some white collars.

I guess it is something that comes to us naturally, and we have not so much control over.

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