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A True Life Story

This is the story of Eloise. Eloise was sentenced to death at age 19 for the death of her second husband in 1970. She stayed in jail for 6yrs and then broke out . She broke out of jail because she had a kid at home and always wanted to raise a family. When she got out of jail, she moved to another state with her daughter and got married to another man, after changing her name to Ellie. Ellie then took up house cleaning as a job to support her family of 5, she was a good mother to her kids, a good wife to her husband and a good neighbour to the police man living next door. Which is why after 35 years of living as a free woman it was a shock to the police man when he heard that a certain Eloise was wanted for murder and jail break and the picture happened to be that his gentle loving next door neighbour. He confronted her with it and she willing surrendered to him, she told him the truth, told her husband and children something she has been hiding for 35 years. She was taken back to jail at 50 years of age, fulfilled that she was able to raise her kids and watch them grow into responsible adults.

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