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There has been so much contradictory opinions on this, it has always been a controversial issue, but recently, it became more controversial. Abortion is the deliberate the expulsion from the womb of a foetus or embryo before it is fully developed, with loss of the foetus. Very simple and detailed definition. Starting from the basics, abortion is carried out because the carrier of the baby decides she has no use for it or doesn't have the capacity to take care of it and cannot keep it. At this stage the foetus is a LIVING thing, remember. We're in a century where things have been made very easy, very very easy infact. Right from secondary school, we have known that there are ways to control population, or enjoy sex without having a baby as consequence when you aren't ready or prepared. We have many birth control methods, we have tons Morning After pills that can take care of the situation even if you decide to be careless, we have long term birth control methods for those who don't want a baby to 'cut my dreams short'. All these are far safer methods of achieving the same thing, but we have people clamourimg for legalisation of murder, isn't that absurd? Abortion is fatal to the innocent foetus and at times for the mother too. Exceptions can be made in cases of rape and similar situations, but a new life resulting from voluntary sex shouldn't pay the price for intentional recklessness. There is is much awareness to fault the ' I never knew I was pregnant' school of thought. We have free Sex-Ed videos everywhere, innocent children (LIVING things) shouldn't bear the brunt of it.

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