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Body language

Aside from verbal communication, we all do a tremendous amount of communicating through our body language. Body language isn’t the same as common specific hand gestures, such as a thumbs-up, or sign language, as these are actually in a way a form of straightforward, verbal communication. Body language more refers to subtle ways in which we alter our body position, facial expressions, or small actions that can greatly influence the way that a person means something or how they are feeling. For example, even a thumbs-up can be taken in different ways depending on one’s facial expressions or how they are carrying themselves. Even some aspects of verbal communication is closely regarded to body language, because the words that come out of our mouth can have a completely different meaning when accompanied by certain actions or tones of voice. There are some grey lines, however, where certain gestures can cross over. Take pointing your finger, for instance. This is generally a straightforward and clear form of communication, but can also be done unconsciously, and remaining aware of what our hands are doing is vital in order to effectively control one’s body language. There are many factors to consider when interpreting body language, including eye movements, stance, facial expressions, and body movements. All of these things can communicate things that we do not say verbally, and can give an insight as to what we are actually thinking and how we are feeling

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