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Body Nutrient Deficiencies

White spots - Too much sugar causing lack of Zinc Oily skin - Production of excess androgens and Zinc deficiency Cracking at the corners of your mouth or heels - Deficiency of vitamin B2, B3, or vitamin D Flaking skin - Deficiency of Omega 3, and consumption of too much fatty foods. Eat more of sardines, cord liver oil or beef oil. Yellow eyes - Sign of lover problem, or gall problem. It is usually caused by deficiency in bile salts Chronic Cough - Calcium deficiency (calcium lactate) Bleeding gums or swollen red gums - it is an indication of vitamin C deficiency and can be treated by avoiding sugars and taking vitamin C Night vision issues - Vitamin A deficiency. Too much cereals and refined foods. Eat dairy butter, , cod liver oil, fatty fish and egg yolks.

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