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Body sculpting

Last week, I came across a video on Tiktok where a woman's body was smeared in something that resembled clay and the man with gloves on was sculpting her body. And I was surprised that there was something like that. Well, I did a little research on it, let's see what it means. Body contouring, or body sculpting, is used toeliminate fat, shape areas of the body and tighten skin. Lipolysis is a nonsurgical option that uses cold, heat, lasers and other methods. Body sculpting can get rid of extra skin, eliminate excess fat reshape or contour the area. Body contouring does not usually help you lose weight. Instead, it helps shape the body and address specific areas where weight loss isn’t effective or after significant weight loss results in extra skin. You can make more research into this nonsurgical method of attaining your dream body.

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