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Bullying has to be the one of the most drastic and extreme ways of manifesting low self esteem and bitter jealousy. It is an age old practice and we're not surprised to see many bullies today, they have predecessors, equally sad, under fulfilled and unhappy people. It happens across different age grades and there no known limit to what bullies can do. It starts with feelings of inadequacy from childhood, to wanting to vent on seemingly helpless people, or people who are short on certain features, most commonly height, weight, beauty, sound vocabulary....etc. Most bullies grow up with the notion that they're indomitable one way or the other. This belief is mostly unintentionally shoved down their throats as kids by ignorant parents, parents who don't know the consequences of certain things they teach their children. Bullying has never been and will never be something the society will miss of it's rid off, so how about we start building a society of sensible adults from ourselves, how we treat people who we feel so not measure up to us in certain areas.

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