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Can you do a day without your smartphone or a TV?

Huh this is a tough one.

Well a good way to answer this by laying out options side-by-side. As the words implies smart phone is SMART can be used for many things including that for which a TV is used. A smartphone can be a notepad and pen in the sense that we use it for writing it can be our TV ‘cause we use it to watch movies documentaries and many other things, it can be our map ‘cause we easily use it to locate places. It is a means by which you communicate many people at once in different parts of the world. We communicate with different people even if possible at the same time, we communicate with people who are literally miles away from us.

So if I’m asked again to pick between my smart phone on my TV I’m definitely going to pick my smart phone ‘cause I achieve many things everyday with my smartphone I can literally live days without my TV but not without my smartphone. Smartphones can easily suffice for TV because there are many things that wouldn’t even air on TV’s that I can get on my smart phone, many news that TV stations would not carry because of content and all, and I can easily access them on my smart phone through social media and many other blogs and sites where I can get trusted and latest information

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