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So basically yeah, I’ve been hearing and seeing stuff about self discovery. From radios...there was this presenter(I can’t really remember his name) but it was a mid night show, on Max FM, he is into counselling, psychology and all. I remember always staying up to listen to it, to watch programs on TV, forcing myself to read “Motivational” or “Self Discovery” or even “Inspirational” articles when I knew I had no interest all because I want to discover myself, I want to know who I am. Looking back, I won’t call it a waste of time, but there are certainly better things I could have done. No matter the amount of deliberate effort I put in, I just wasn’t getting anywhere. And then there’s this set of people who believe in star signs, well I don’t. Many things determine an individuals, behaviour, rate and accuracy of perception, attitude, how one shows love care and affection, thinking ability, how they deal with stress or pressure, how they like to be taken care of, their response to love, care, attention, lack of attention, neglect or I feel star signs determined by ones birth month is just a very irrelevant, shaky and very dubious way of supporting your faults or weakness, of defending your response to certain situations or of admitting your strengths. It’s basically a standard people who believe in feel they have to meet or fit in, you don’t have to be certain way just because a faulty method of prediction says so.

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