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Do you think social media has turned people to being more superficial?

The indisputable answer is Yes. It has, drastically. Let's even take someone who started using social media modestly, in that you post what you truely are and really don't want to be involved in deceit. As time goes on, and you start seeing that people, your mates are advancing, through means you know not, you begin to feel that people will start comparing you to them and so you already start doing the comparison yourself and end up deciding that even if you can't do what they are doing to afford the good and luxurious things they flaunt on their, stories, reels, pages, timeline, status, etc, the least you can do is appear to afford it. Now the fake life has begun. You begin snapping in places you can afford and act like you can, snapping with vehicles whose owners are it around, snapping in houses that aren't your own and making the captions suggestive of the fact that that's the least of houses in your possession. And then to further strive and make it look real you use the money you can use for other things to buy fake and low quality blings so you can look "expensive". Things things are so gradual you wouldn't even realise when you're neck deep, so careful attention needs to be paid to how and what one posts, and even the kind of peoplr you follow on social media.

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