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Can we talk about how the educational sector in Nigeria is probably one of the most under funded and receives the least attention? We heard our president say about two weeks ago that he isn't aware that all federal Universities around the Federation have been on strike for over two months and still counting. At least, we had a glimmer of hope when we heard this and ASUU was called back to the negotiation table. Little did we know that it was not going to change anything. The Government has effortlessly shown that they have little or no interest in the Educational sector and that since many of their children are schooling outside the country, therefore, they aren't stakeholders and have nothing to lose by making a 4yrs course 6yrs+ because of their nonchalant attitude toward renumeration of the hard working lecturers. To think that these lectures have been fighting for their salaries since 2009 brings tears to the eyes. With the amount of problems this country is confronted with, we have over 25 people purchasing tickets to run for presidency under one party. They haven't/don't want to reason to the extent that, the youth(which make up most of the country's population) are handicapped, with regards to education. The only way we can experience progress in a state is by enlightenment, but how would we get this when we're governed by power intoxicated old men who have no regard for the citizens and aren't willing to put the future into consideration?

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