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Education And Technology. Adopting a 21st century model in the educational system. 2

Physical learning was not an option, just as not learning at all wasn’t either, teachers made pre-recorded videos and sent it to the children to download and watch, some streamed school sessions directly on many apps, Zoom being one of the most common and popularly used. This made it possible for children to learn from home, made it possible for the school calendar to run as planned as there are reliable sites and apps for conducting tests and exams for the students. Even during physical learning, teachers use laptops and projectors for visual learning, to help students gain maximally from the topics by including graphic illustrations brought to life by 21st century inventions. Cloud teaching has also made it possible for teachers to make videos and even allow the entire public, including out-of-school children to have access to proper education . Lastly, are children suffering from disabilities. There are many recently developed . Assistant Technology (AT)that have made learning fun for children with learning difficulties/limitations.

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