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Now what if someone feels entitled to your love or care.

We might not know it or we might feel we owe it, but when someone really close to continues to misbehave and hurt you without remorse and feels all the time you should be forgiving, that’s actually feeling entitled to your love and forgiveness. When someone you like decides to take a break from you unannounced and then decides to walk back into your life at a time convenient for him/her that’s actually feeling entitled to your love and care knowing you’ll welcome he/she back with a big smile and open arms.

In my opinion, people should know you have boundaries, set them!!

When so-so-so does this, he/she knows he/she has lost the right or the privilege to have something from you. There’s no end to receiving, at least not for the people I’ve related with, so you as a giver should know when to stop and let people know they should not expect this particular thing anymore.

It’d go a long way in preserving your peace of mind and maintaining your dignity.

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