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Ever wondered who gets to choose or say what's in vogue, or what we should wear and how we should wear it?? The weather and climate is doing a pretty good job at this I have to say, but there's more…… I have this Designer A bag I bought recently, but because Designer B used so and so celebrity to model theirs and everyone is jumping on it, I either have to jump on it too or carry something neutral, because my Designer A bag is out of fashion at the moment….sad This is a situation we have been in only too many times. It can be shoes, glasses, sweaters, sneakers, hoodies, anything. But there are ways around it. Firstly, is your former cloth or shoe or bag out of use and in need of repair? If not, there's no law that says you shouldn't carry it, absolutely none. Another thing is brand, yes brand. Many pretty and good quality clothes are out there in the market, fashionable in fact, but fashion bloggers and YouTubers have made us feel if it isn't a particular one, it's nothing. That can also be as a result of two things, firstly, they are basically spoon fed information that is easier to blog or vlog about, good and cheap stuff need nosing out and not many are willing to go that extra mile, secondly, they are mandated to write good things about expensive brands in their publications because those brands advertise in their publications. Thankfully, that isn't the case here at Promavin Couture, a male clothing brand which produces comfortable, affordable and well fitting clothes, without compromising the customers style.

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