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Freedom is addictive

Updated: May 13, 2022

I made this mental note sometime last night when I was thinking and thinking about many different things and what I came up with to sum up my thoughts is 'Freedom is Addictive'. We as humans always long to lift or get rid of certain limits or boundaries put in place to restrict certain aspects of our lives. Right from yearning to be independent of our parents, to acquire freedom from them, to yearning for financial freedom, to emotional freedom, religious freedom, intellectual freedom, and many others. Some of the happiest people we know are those who have gained freedom from many things, they are fulfilled and would do anything not to risk their freedom, that's the addiction. There is also a thing like freedom from a particular school of thought. Africa has the highest percentage of those who worship/believe in spirits, man made god's, and many other things like Juju. Now those who have acquired intelligence have received satisfactory freedom from the bondage of living their lives always in fear of spirits and ghost, people like this would do anything not to be in those shackles again.

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