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We always aspire to do certain things, to reach certain goals, to surpass certain limits, to break certain boundaries, but then we're always reminded why they are limits and boundaries. It might be well within our financial or physical capacity to do, in this case the limit is not funding, it might be lack of support or encouragement, or even discouragement. The beautiful thing is, 'when there is life, there is hope', 'normalcy is boring', and 'take risks while you can'. The while message has been perfectly summed up in the three previous quotes. There's life, which is the reason you can aspire, you also have the urge/desire to be different, to do something extraordinary or extremely uncommon, and lastly, contemplating it means it well within your power, and even if it's not, you just have to make a few calls and push a few buttons. The thing is, if you think you can, then you can. But the best you can do for yourself amidst opposition is make proper research and be sure of how things are gonna go, have a plan that is not delicately based on changing circumstances. Make sure of details and facts, learn from experience (if there's any), that's a way to look into the future, and then when you're double sure, go in with the mindset that, whatever happens, you're going to be fine. You can and will whether the storm.

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