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Gender roles

Not until recently did I realise the effect of gender role on the mentality and adulthood of males in places where gender roles are a thing. I have this uncle who is the 6th and the born of my paternal grandmother. He's the last boy, sixth child and the sixth of six boys. He was pampered and treated as a king. The first five are boys and so he believed his future rested in their hands so he invested little or nothing in himself. He lived with one of his brother's, sold the brothers' dog to a food canteen to sponsor his drug addiction, was sent to another brother of his to stay and ended up impregnating the housemaid and ran away from the house, went back to their hometown. He got into so much trouble for pipeline vandalism and was sent to kirikiri a couple of times, still bailed out by his brothers, he decided to start selling the lands that was meant for all his brothers, drove his sister out of the family house, married a divorcee and mother of four after abandoning the child he had with the housemaid. This is a life story that only screams the need we have for male children to be raised responsibly, so they can be of use to themselves and their families.

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