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Gender roles

This in simple terms refer to the societal perception of the purpose and roles of the different genders. They are deeply ingrained in us, so much so we catch ourselves loving a particular thing for no other reason that we are supposed to dislike the other, or not even think of it. It has affected many areas of human life and existence. People don't even bother to question it again, we all just conform. As in most cases it's meat to one man and poison to the other. The other man, in this case, is the woman. Gender roles has, for so long, thrown females under the bus. Under the bus in this case is, the feminine gender wouldn't need much education because she's going to be a housewife one day, she shouldn't be seen in white collar jobs, or if at all, in high places she doesn't have the right to make decisions, even those that have to do with her, her main obligation is to make sure her husband is happy, keep his stomach full and his balls empty. It has gotten so bad, that women find certain things, that are supposed to be normal as uncomfortable, inconvenient or weird. A study of female sexual fantasies in a college showed that a ratio of 90:10 had submissive sexual fantasies, and actually enjoy it that way. What else can amplify the negative effect of gender roles other than this?.

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