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How to take care of wet shoes.

For shoes that are just wet but not dirty, this is the quickest solution. Ball up some old newspaper and put them inside your shoes. This will make sure that the paper absorbs the water inside and maintains the shape of the shoes as it dries. You may have to change the newspaper once in awhile if it gets too wet. Finally, cover the shoes with newspaper to dry the outside part, too. Most people just put their wet shoes under the sun — which is partly correct. Drying shoes this way is probably the best way as it can also remove the unwanted odor. But leaving your shoes to dry under the sun can leave your shoes to become dry and crispy afterwards. If you must, make sure to keep an eye out for this, if not stick to step 1 and 2.Take out Laces Use wet cloth/rug/wipes to remove easy dirts. If there are persistent dirts, mix ⅓ water, ⅓ dishwashing liquid (for cleansing), and ⅓ baking soda (for disinfecting without harsh chemicals). Mix. Prepare to use toothbrush for canvass, rubber, suede, or felt shoes; sponge for leather and other types of delicate shoes. Dip the toothbrush/sponge in your solution and gently scrub shoes. Wipe with wet cloth/rug/wipes after. DO NOT soak the shoes any longer.

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