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I Care A Lot

So I watched a movie, about two weeks ago and I feel it's worth talking about. The whole plot of the movie is about how co-operate caregivers or people in charge of elderly homes abroad operate. So I might not be using actual names here because I have forgotten some. The movie started with how a man took his mother's care giver to court because he felt his mother didn't need her service and the care giver had ulterior motives and also the fact that she stopped him from seeing his mother under the pretense that his mother said she doesn't want to see him. And she won the case, the care giver was still granted custody of the woman. Next, "a cherry without stalk" as they put it was another old woman. Now how they got to know of this old woman was this: they(the care giver and her partner) had a nurse in an hospital who was always on the look out for old women with money and properties and no known relatives. So they got a call from this nurse one day, the nurse told them she had a 'cherey without stalk', and gave them the old womans house address. They got there found that the woman lives alone and in a very big house with few neighbours in the neighbourhood........ Part 2 Tomorrow

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