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I Care A Lot(pt. 2)

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

So they obtained medical reports to prove to the court that the woman was suffering from illess of the mind and might not be able to take care of herself much longer, they we're successful and were granted the custody of the woman. The got to the woman's house one morning and found here drinking tea, they showed her the papers to prove to her that she was legally assigned to their custody and she'd be moved into an Old Peoples Home, her properties, money and everything she has would be in the hand of her custodian who may use it as she sees fit. The old woman protested at first but soon became calm because she knew what was going to happen. As usual, the custodian already started searching the house for clues and cues, good enough for her,she began finding them. Now this old woman had a son, one who dealt in drugs and guns and everything illegal, a Russian Mafia. He was supposed to be dead so he doesn't live with his mother or visit her often, he only sees her once a week by arranging for one of his boys to disguise as a cab man and bring his mother to meet him in an underground garage. This happened to be the say of the week when the custodian arranged for the woman's house to be cleaned out and put for sale. The guy who disguised as a cab man walked up to the door and asked questions, he wasn't really attended to, but he gleaned enough to make the old woman's son sense that there was danger. So her son began investigation. He found out who the custodian was and hired a lawyer to sue her to court on the basis that the old woman was very much capable of caring for herself and that the custodian is after the woman's wealth, all these the lawyer was to prove, but he was to say his services was enlisted by 'friends' of the old woman because she had no known relatives. Part 3 next..............

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