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Jail Moms

Well United states has the highest value of female inmates, and as that value keeps soaring so does the amount of children born behind bars. These women have their children and nurse them in prison, some don't know who the father of the baby is and for some unfortunate others the father's deny the pregnancy, they get to call their family members to make plans for their babies, who the baby is going to stay and grow with. Sometimes, they don't get to nurse their babies for more than 24hours before they are whisked away from their arms. Before even getting to this point, while the women are in labour, they are given high visibility uniforms and put in handcuffs, then carried to the hospital. Giving birth without a relative, friend or family face around is a common experience for them, the only familiar face they get to see is that of the prison guard. We can be grateful for the fact that some of them are nice, quoting one prison guard, she says "that's my 7th baby, it's exciting, that's what makes the job more rewarding". A study conducted shows that some of these women were in jail for stabbing or causing physical harm to their abusive partners. Others who do not have plans or arrangements or support have to give the baby up for adoption. This just emphasizes the fact that our actions have ripple effect.

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