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Mass Shootings

The US has experienced about 230 different mass shootings, at least 256 lives lost and 996 severely injured. The year is gone by 153days, and out of that, only 51 days have been shooting-free in the US. This is sad, beyond sad even. A place countries like Nigeria saw as greener pastures, what's so green about the pasture when the cattle won't get to eat it. The whole system is faulty, weapons in the hands of critically unstable people, who just decide to take people's lives for pleasure. It's becoming a trend and that's the sad thing about it, the first one or two occurrences, might never had thought they'd get such a massive amount of spin offs, and now, when nearly half the days of the year have seen innocent people lose their lives, all we can do is wonder why?! The funniest thing is people were told to carry arms for defence. A school child is to carry arms, someone who goes across the street to pick something from the store is necessitated to carry arms? Isn't the situation more pathetic?

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