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Okay, let's talk about how low our music industry has gone in terms of creativity, many of us know this dance we refer to as konko below, well it's no more just a dance step formed by a man who hasn't deemed the world fit to know his face yet, it's the current position of the creativity in our music industry. I mean, music has gotten far more recognition and support than it had in the past, this in no way conflicts the fact that most of what is churned out these days on music streaming apps worldwide is classic trash, the kind of trash we enjoy listening to, imaging spending 3mins+ of your life listening to a half educated teenager, most likely a sufferer of absent parenting talk about how he dropped out of school, owned his first gun at 8yrs of age, did drugs, "f**ked b**ches" and every other thing you wouldn't want a child who came out of you to know of, then there's you, "jamming the song", "it's lit", no it isn't. The only thing "lit" is the cigarette in his mouth, and he should try putting it out before seeing a studio the next time so we'd know if it's the cigarette or the man talking. The long and short of it is that we have very few "songs" these days worth listening to, and what we take in affects us, this is one area you are right to be selfish, be selfish with your brain cells, don't let being a fan of someone or peer pressure push you to download or stream to what you'd normally turn of if a radio presenter didn't have sense enough to scratch it off the playlist.

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