Nearly all the men in Lagos are mad

I started reading this book weeks ago and I can say Damilare Kuku is a prolific writer and actor. The book is unprecedented and so unique. Different encounters by different women from different Lagos men. It just furthers the belief of most people that Lagos men are crazy, the book did a good job. From different perspectives, third second and first person narrative, the book shows what women have gone through. As funny as it was, I think all the stories must have real life resemblance, it was so funny educative and informative at the same time. Many quotes and characters stood out for me. In International Relations, where a young lady after looking fruitlessly for love on Nigerian men she decided to try foreigners and took extra measures, severe some might say, and after everything she was in a situation where she could either go with a middle aged Russian or her best friend who was in a failing marriage, and she said this "See ehn, in this life, you need to know yourself. I know myself. I like to joke and talk nonsense, but I will disgrace myself and my Iya Agba kpatakpata, if I allow one more man stand on-top my head in this Lagos. " She went through a lot and this was her conclusion, many other parts of the book are very funny and entertaining, it's a good one to check out.

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