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One of Africa's numerous plagues.

Well we live in a continent endowed with so much wildlife, reserves, different species of animals and so on, it also happens to be a continent plagued by many diseases. I'm not just referring to health here, I'm referring to everything that makes people uncomfortable or unwell, and in this case it happens to be a school of thought. Belief in the existence and potency of a supernatural being/power, extreme assumption of what form of worship is acceptable to the former and thoughtless execution of our assumptions based on perception(at times false) of what He wants. This is eating deep into generations. In former times, we read from the Bible that people burnt their children as sacrifice or worship to the gods they served. These days, even with and entire self acclaimed woke generation, people still go to extreme lengths to please on whose standards of write and wrong have been clearly written down and documented for people, everyone to see(we're streamlining this to Christianity). A man who is capable of gathering enough resources will start up a church, a place supposedly for worship, and milk people dry of their earnings, I mean, should people leave the house of their God in tears/knowing they've overshot on their budgets? Does it make sense?

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