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Days like this, for no apparent reason, I just want to be alone and take a break from everything and everyone. And I know it's not just a me thing, it's something we all feel once in a while. Infact, there's this constant battle between wanting to stay off social media, most especially WhatsApp, and then earning from it or getting vital information and so you just can't take a break, when you really really need to. Well good things don't come easy, sacrifices have to be made. The sacrifice for getting a me-time might be losing out on deals or info or other things, I think it's one we should be willing to pay at some point in time for our own mental health. If you constantly get discouraged, feel useless or pressured, feel like you worth less because of what people post, how they make people who are in your situation seem, how worthless and low they make you feel(sometimes unknowingly), take decisive and intentional steps to cutting them off, for your own mental health. If at all you want to grow, you can't do that in a toxic environment. Create a space you can grow in and watch yourself transform into the person you always wanted to be.

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