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Peaky Blinders

So I purposely waited to watch this series when it was done I would not have to bear the suspense, it was even too much while I watched it.

The series is loosely based on a true story of a gang in Birmingham with the same name, but also heavily fictional. The actors were top notch, even though many of them, including the main character wasn't a very popular one at the time. They put life into the characters, and it seemed as though it could never have been portrayed better by anybody else. I was really happy for the fact that Cillian Murphy got to play the role of Thomas Shelby ahead of Jason Statham. He seems like the BEST person for the role, from physical features, to accent, to anything you can think of, portrayed well by someone who isn't originally from Birmingham. Many other actors too killed their roles including Late Helen McCrory, Joe Cole, Finn Cole, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle and many others.

I'd give the series a 100%, it deserves it. The actors had to go through a lot to make the movie stand out, from those who don't smoke in real life,hàving to smoke about 3,000 cigars throughout the duration of the making of the series, to the actor of Finn Shelby having to learn to sniff confectioners sugar for "snow".

More amazing is the fact that many of them didn't want to be actors, many of them we're asked to the it out and the ended up emerging as the actors ahead of other in the audition.

The whole story, the one we saw and everything that happened backstage is just amazing.

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