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Anybody ever thought about how Adele feels after writing a whole album on her failing relationship, or something....and the person she's referring be like "hehe, I played your fave". I mean, how do songstress' like her deal with it? I get that mostly emotions affect or even inspire our artistry but the details are not really anyone's business. Does she feel fulfilled after dosing it out to the public, does she even listen to them again,most especially when she's in a new relationship, would she want her children to grow up hearing what men did to their mom(and the whole world who cares to listen to her already knows). Putting things out for whatever purpose isn't always good, they're irretrievable, and using the front paper rule, whatever you put out there you should be comfy seeing it several years down the line. I mean you make a song of all the things you and your ex did, get ready to vibe with it on your bridal shower, you diss your ex with abusive and derrogatory terms, and you guys get back together, we're playing that on your engagement party.

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