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Religion in Politics

I just saw a post that read thus: Ihist spoke with my pastor about making announcements about PVC on Sunday. A lot of people still do not see the need to get their PVCs, but with the influence of religious leaders, I believe that they clcanbe convinced to see how important getting their PVCs and voting is. Who else see's the oil and water here? Where's the mix? Infact, why should there be a mix? What business do people who are supposed to be responsible and respectable men of God have with politics, and most definitely not Nigerian politics. Well, that was the suggestion of an innocent church member concerned about the state of the country, what about the religious leader who bought ticket for a party with #100m? A party that has ruled this country for the past 8 years, a party that took dollar from a little below #200 to #610 that we see today.

I can't help but say wow!

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