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She was gone......

You know, in the movies I've watched, whenever I see a character going overboard or being extra when somebody does, I think "why is he/she crying this loud? The person has gone to rest now, or can any amount of crying bring the person back?" Well, until you're in those shoes, you'd never understand. I lost my grandma recently and it hurt so bad, but I was away from her, so I was able to make peace with the news, till.... I got there on the morning of the burial, and I saw them preparing the body for burial. At that point, I felt if I called her loud and hard enough,she might actually wake up and cal the show over. I felt I saw her breath, on two different occasions, I didn't want them to close the lid finally, for fear she may want to get up. The hardest part was watching the sand pour over her, at this point, it was as if I actually never got to say goodbye properly, I wanted it to be open for me to talk to her one more time... But then, SHE WAS GONE💔

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