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Significance of body language

Body language is a vital factor to consider when acquiring information in order to analyze a specific person. Emotions are expressed through numerous means, but body language can be the most organic and inadvertent way of expressing oneself. Eye movements, hand gestures, and body movements for a large part are performed automatically without premeditation, and can be a great tool when analyzing someone and evaluating their true feelings and thoughts that may contradict the words that they are saying. In addition to using this knowledge to observe those around you, it’s also useful to use it to analyze your own behavior and how your body unconsciously communicates when you’re talking, and see if there is an accurate connection with how you are thinking or feeling at the time. It could very well end up that you discover that you tend to send mixed signals without even knowing it. The use of body language evaluation can prove especially useful when feeling out somebody that you have been newly introduced to. Even if you have not yet had a conversation, you can immediately gather information about them just by noticing how they carry themselves, how they look at you and those around them, their face, and how much physical distance they keep between themselves and others. Body language analysis can also work in better understanding people that you are more familiar with, whether they are just acquaintances or people you have more intimate relationships with. For example, if you notice that a friend or coworker holds a certain stance or makes certain gestures or movements when they are nervous or insecure, you can better help them by intervening as soon as you notice it. You can use these new observations alongside what you already know about them to understand them even better, and can take note of repetitive actions or gestures that they do and the emotions

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