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Trans Spotting Sports

The LGBT..... are leveraging their success in convincing sport regulation bodies to forcing every other person to show support for people who want to compete with a gender that's not theirs. I mean, is it not already so evident that we have more trans-women than trans-men clamouring for this? Isn't that suspicious enough? That's these people are failures and thoroughly incapable of holding their own against those of their gender and have decided to take it out on the other gender. Like gaslighting the whole world into believing that they weren't comfortable as males wasn't enough, they now want to play on the other side, have we so quickly forgotten that female sport doesn't receive half the attention that make sport does and here we have these losers switching sides. The No. 1 in women swimming right now is a trans, how does everyone sincerely expect these women to feel? Do we really expect them to be happy while competing with someone who has more testosterone than all of them combined? These regulation bodies really need to take their duties seriously,just as NOBODY would want a trans woman to play in a male football competition, NOBODY should want a man to be in a female competition. I mean, nature defined this for us already. Do we really have no other problems that we have decided to create some for ourselves? And I'm hearing they're going to create a mixed competition where, you know, lidderons can compete. Not just that, they are going to reduce the testosterone levels in trans women to make the playing field equal, do they really think this is some sort of compromise?! If so, we don't buy it, we're not that dumb. Just imagine what the money they used to organise trans sports can do in the lives of those countries that have children dying from malaria and starvation, but they'd rather spend it that way.

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