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I've been looking for the perfect way to express myself on this particular subject, and as soon as I heard Central Cee's Ungrateful, I knew that was it. Quoting him, " I don't wanna seem ungrateful God, but I don't wanna be here". Wild imagination, but if the me as an egg saw what I was coming to meet in this world I'd pass and be like 'next please', because we seem to be doing too much for too little. Take a look at an average salary earner, battles Lagos traffic in the morning to get to work on time, at the same time trying to cut cost because of the hike in price of transport fare now. The few times I witnessed people being cut up between entering bus and getting stuck in traffic or entering okada and burning all your salary on transport it was quite moving and pathetic. If at the end of the month I have already spent half of my salary on transport, just imagine what would be left for feeding, buying clothes and shoes, buying data, taking care of my own body and all. And later we wonder why people are so easily aggravated, why there are so many people in dire need of therapy or mental check-up but they don't even realise it. Blacks in general are very resilient, but it gets to a time we just snap, there's only so much one can handle. As many Lagosians can relate, there are quite a few other situations that'd make this feel like normal in comparison and they make us to begin to question if all this struggle, I mean daily struggle is worth it at the end of the day. We appreciate life and all, nobody wants to die, but I feel I'd have enjoyed being in another realm, somewhere else most likely, and just observe the toiling and tossing going on in the world today.

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