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Wardrobe Inspiration

So first up let's think about what's inspiring you. Finding inspiration from all over the place, the weird and the wonderful and of course those obvious places too, is often the first port of call when shopping for your wardrobe. Think about who you are, what you like, what you want to become and where you see both yourself and your style in the near future. Think about who's inspiring you style wise. Think about who you love and how you might be able to inject a little bit of that inspiration into your looks using the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. It's always great to have a bank of inspiration, a saved board on Instagram or a board on Pinterest of outfits you love that you can use to inspire your outfit building everyday. But whilst also allowing you to get ready with ease, this bank of inspo can also help you to clearly see what might be missing in your wardrobe. Perhaps, a number of outfits that you've seen each include a belt, yet, you don't own a belt. That's a clear indicator to start looking for that perfect belt to finish off a number of outfits to come.

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