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Wardrobe items that see the most use

Going over items that are particularly versatile and therefore worn more than others. We'll have clothes we see as faves or more comfortable for a particular weather, or very useful for many different occasions, we we'll be going over a few of them.

So first up, we have denims. Denims are very versatile and can be worn to many different occasions. Many other pieces of clothing like, chinos, cotton blouse, printed tops, cotton polo, white or black short sleeved T-shirt, white/black long sleeved T-shirt, black tank, black Tuttle neck, crisp white blouse, white button down shirt, crewneck sweater, khaki pants, skinny jean, denim jacket, knee length dress, wrap dresses etc....

Remember though that style or choice of clothes depends on many things, one of which the weather, so some of these might not be suitable for a particular time period. But they are pieces of clothing that are mostly simple and also very relevant today, and some are also really versatile and can be worn to multiple occasions.

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