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What Do You Think About Feminism?

What do you think about feminist?

A set of educated and determined individuals with the aim of creating awareness about the inhumane treatment women and even girls around the world face.

This world was built and structured to look down on women who are indeed the ones responsible for every human who has ever treaded the earth. This a path that has faced criticism, and amidst all the hate and criticism it's flourishing because women are done being victims. They want to be seen and heard where a man's voice is seen and heard, they want to show that they have more to offer than being cheap housewives, they want people to know that they are capable of achieving countless things with their minds and hands if given the chance to.

Now away from the housewife/home servant angle of this, women want to be respected. They aren't getting enough of that and it's so obvious. Great and successful women passed through hell to get to where they are. They want people to know that they have feelings, and that the society doesn't just automatically get the chance to decide their future just because they are female children.

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