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Why do you think people go to church?

In a world such as this, where the only thing we are certain of in uncertainty, people may feel lost, they may feel they're just pawns and would love to know some greater or superhuman force(s) involved. Now this leads them to search for something who is seeing everything going on, not for the characters side of the game,but from the players side, God. As humans, we always want to have someone to look up to, to trust, to be there for us, to be able to handle our matter, to provide solutions to our problems, to assure us that if we keep going a little longer, there are better things in store for us. Now futher broadening the scope, it goes beyond just 'church', people serve, worship and believe in other "gods" made out of stones, tree, the sky, or at times, even something imaginary. Other reason night be pressure from family and friends to be religious, some feel they've experienced supernatural powers in their lives, some other want to experience supernatural powers, many because of problems or crisis.......and for many other reasons.

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